Terms Of Services

This document (together with our Privacy Policy) ('Terms') details the general terms and conditions governing this relationship and sets out the rights and responsibilities we each have in this context. These Terms include important information about who we are and prescribe the way in which we will provide products or services ('Products and Services') to you.Our Products and Services are made available to you on a non-advised basis. This means that Mintwise will not provide you with any advice or make any recommendations about whether and how you should use our Products and Services. You are solely responsible for any decisions you take in this context. You must note that certain of our Products and Services involve capital at risk and the value of your investments may go down, as well as up, and you may lose all of the capital that you have invested.Note that these Terms are general terms and not specific to any of our Products and Services. Each of our Products and Services may be subject to additional specific terms, which you will need to agree to and which may take precedence over these Terms. Please refer to clause 1.1 of these Terms for more information.